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01.- War: Andante

02.- War: Non Nobis Solum

03.- War: The Air Raid Siren Slices Through...

04.- War: Oh Will It All End Here?

05.- War: Mother And Father Holding Their Child
06.- School: We're Here In School Today To Get A Perfect Education
07.- School: Walk In Single File Out Of The Classroom
08.- School: Settle Down
09.- School: Kept In Confusion
10.- School: I'll Always Be There
11.- School: Boys, This Is Your Teacher
12.- School: Tres Conejos
13.- School: Not For Ourselves
14.- Crypt: And So It Was That I Had Grown
15.- Crypt: Dance
16.- Crypt: I Used To Come Here When This Place Was A Crypt
17.- Crypt: Here Now
18.- Crypt: I'll Always Be There
19.- Crypt: Now's The Time To Tell Him
20.- Father: Andante Lamentoso
21.- Father: O Father, You Have Given...
22.- Father: (Ah)
23.- Father: Hey, Wait A Minute
24.- Father: Father, Father, Father
01.- Wedding: Andante Amoroso - I Know I Should Be Glad Of This

02.- Wedding: Father, Hear Our Humble Voices

03.- Wedding: Hosanna, Hosanna


04.- Work: Allegro Energico

  05.- Work: Working Women At The Top
  06.- Work: Violin Solo
  07.- Work: Did I Sign The Letter...
  08.- Work: Tempo I
  09.- Work: When You Ask A Working Man
  10.- Work: Let's Find Ourselves A Little Hostelry
  11.- Crises: Allegro Molto
  12.- Crises: The World You're Coming Into
  13.- Crises: Tempo I
  14.- Crises: Where's My Dinner?
  15.- Crises: Let's Not Argue
  16.- Crises: I'm Not A Slave
  17.- Crises: Right! That's It!
  18.- Crises: Stop. Wait
  19.- Crises: Do You Know Who You Are...
  20.- Crises: Ghosts Of The Past Left Behind
  21.- Crises: Do We Live In A World...
  22.- Peace: And So It Was That You Were Born
  23.- Peace: God Is Good
  24.- Peace: What People Want Is A Family Life
  25.- Peace: Dad's In The Garden
  26.- Peace: So On And On The Story Goes