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The Alternate Album
01.- Yellow Submarine (UK mono-mix, guitar in the begining, John Shouts louder)
02.- Hey Bulldog (stereo remix from take 10, different vocal mix plus "bulldog" sound effects)

03.- Eleanor Rigby (UK mono-mix, stereo mix has got "Elea" on both channels by mistake)

04.- Love You To (mono-mix, lasts 8 seconds longer)

05.- All Together Now (true mono mix)

06.- Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (unreleased version, first verse is sung by Boob, different lyrics)

07.- Think For Yourself (mono-mix, heavier guitars and drums)

08.- Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (mono-mix, different vocals)
09.- With A Little Help From My Friends (mono-mix)
10.- Baby, You're A Rich Man (mono-mix, very different)
11.- Only A Northern Song (true mono-mix)
12.- All You Need Is Love (alternate stereo remix with extra line, longest known version)
13.- When I'm Sixty-Four (different stereo version, running at correct speed)
14.- Nowhere Man (original stereo mix, dramatic differences between this version and the cd-remix. Vocals on one channel
15.- It's All Too Much (full lenght stereo version, lasts 8.16 instead of 6.23)
The Alternates
16.- Hey Bulldog (true mono-mix)
17.- All You Need Is Love (mono-mix with longer fade)
18.- When I'm Sixty-Four (mono-mix, plays in a higher key)
19.- Nowhere Man (mono-mix)
20.- It's All Too Much (true mono-mix, lasts longer than released stereo version, 8.11 instead of 6.23)
21.- She Can Talk To Me #1
22.- She Can Talk To Me #2 (John's early home demos for Hey Bulldog)

CD. (No Anthology Tracks)