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The Alternate Album
01.- It Won't Be Long (stereo mix - different edit of takes 17 and 21)
02.- All I've Got To Do (stereo mix)

03.- All My Loving (stereo mix with five hi-hat taps opening, different mix of German version)

04.- Don't Bother Me (remake, take 10)

05.- Little Child (stereo mix)

06.- Till There Was You (BBC session 11-06-1963)

07.- Please Mr.Postman (BBC session 30-07-1963)

08.- Roll Over Beethoven (BBC session 03-09-1963)
09.- Hold Me Tight (track 2, take 21)
10.- You Really Got A Hold On Me (BBC session 17-09-1963)
11.- I Wanna Be Your Man (BBC session 15-02-1964)
12.- Devil In Her Heart (BBC session 24-09-1963)
13.- Not A Second Time (stereo mix)
14.- Money (That's What I Want) (stereo mix)
The Alternates
15.- It Won't Be Long (early take from the Alf Bicknell-tape)
16.- All My Loving (BBC session 26-12-1963)
17.- Don't Bother Me (edited version of George's demo)
18.- Don't Bother Me (takes 11/12/13)
19.- Please Mr.Postman (BBC session 30-03-1964)
20.- Please Mr.Postman (early take)
21.- Hold Me Tight (takes 22/23/24)
22.- Money (That's What I Want) (BBC session 26-12-1963)
The Live Versions
23.- Money (That's What I Want) (Live at the Star Club, Hamburg, 31-12-1962)
24.- All My Loving (Live at the Festival Hall, Melbourne, 16-06-1964)
25.- Till There Was You (Live at the Ed Sullivan Show, 09-02-1964)
26.- Roll Over Beethoven (Live at the Center Coliseum, Seattle, Washington, 21-08-1964)

27.- I Wanna Be Your Man (Live at the Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 30-06-1966)

CD. (No Anthology Tracks)

PEAR RECORDS LTD: 7 60122-4010-2 4

  28.- Money (That's What I Want) (Live It's The Beatles Show, Liverpool, 07-12-1963)
  The Get Back Sessions
    29.- You Really Got A Hold On Me (Jan, 1969)
    30.- Devil In Her Heart (January 1969)
    31.- Money (That's What I Want) (instrumental, January 1969)