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CD. (No Anthology Tracks)




The Alternate Album
01.- Drive My Car (mono mix)
02.- Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (take 4, John makes 2 mistakes with his acoustic guitar)

03.- You Won's See Me (US stereo mix, lasts 4 seconds longer. At the end of the song there are 2 more "yeahs".

04.- Nowhere Man (Live, Circus-Krone, Munich Germany, 24/06/1966)

05.- Think For Yourself (Original stereo version, more echo at the end of the song)

06.- The Word (US stereo mix, doubletracked voice)

07.- Michelle (mono-mix, lasts 2 seconds longer)

08.- What Goes On (US stereo mix from "Yesterday And Today", extra guitar at the end, plus Ringo singing "in your mind")
09.- Girl (mono-mix)
10.- I'm Looking Through You (take 4, 2 false starts)
11.- In My Life (different mix from "Love Songs", reversed channels)
12.- Wait (mono-mix)
13.- If I Needed Someone (live in Japan, 30/06/1966)
14.- Run For Your Life (take 5, okay johnny)
The Alternates
15.- We Can Work It Out (take 2. Louder keyboards, voice on both channels)
16.- Day Tripper (take 2, incomplete. Instrumental, no tambourine and lead guitar)
17.- Day Tripper (take 3. Additional vocals by Paul, no fade out at the end)
18.- 12 Bar Original (takes 1-2, complete version)
19.- Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (take 2, very basic version, very different)
20.- Girl (backing track, speed corrected)
21.- I'm Looking Through You (take 1. Used for "Anthology" in a different mix)
22.- In My Life (Different take with organ)
23.- If I Needed Someone (mono-mix)
24.- We Can Work It Out (take 1. Instrumental)
25.- Day Tripper (take 1. Instrumental)

27.- Michelle (Paul's home demo, autumn 1965)

The Live Versions
28.- Nowhere Man (live Candlestick Park San Francisco 29/08/1966)
    29.- Day Tripper (live Candlestick Park San Francisco 29/08/1966)
    The Get Back Sessions
    30.- Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown) (rehearsal during the "Get Back Sessions", 09/01/1969