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CD. (No Anthology Tracks)




The Alternate Album
01.- Taxman (US mono mix. Cowbell starts earlier, after "five percent...")
02.- Eleanor Rigby (US mono mix. Stereo mix has "Elea" on two channels by mistake)

03.- I'm Only Sleeping (Alternate mono mix. Extra backwards guitar)

04.- Love You To (US mono mix. Lasts a few seconds longer)

05.- Here, There And Everywhere (from the single "Real Love" 1995 remix of take 7 and take 13)

06.- Yellow Submarine (from the single "Real Love" 1995 remix, more sound effects)

07.- She Said She Said (US mono mix)

08.- Good Day Sunshine (US mono mix. Lasts sligthly longer and a few beats of bass are missing at the end of the song)
09.- And Your Bird Can Sing (US mono mix. Louder handclaps during the break)
10.- For No One (monitor mix. No horn overdubs)
11.- Dr.Robert (US stereo mix)
12.- I Want To Tell You (US mono mix. Different fade in, different backing vocals)
13.- Got To Get You Into My Life (US mono mix. Lasts 8 seconds longer. Differences in Paul's vocal)
14.- Tomorrow Never Knows (completely different and quickly scrapped mono mix, hastily withdrawn, very unique differences in fading and effects)
The Alternates
15.- Paperback Writer (take 1. Breakdown)
16.- Paperback Writer (take 2. Same take as single, no echo on vocals, no fade-out at the end)
17.- Rain (unknown take, 18/04/1966)
18.- I'm Only Sleeping (US stereo mix)
19.- Here, There And Everywhere (US mono mix. No backing vocals during the last chord)
20.- Here, There And Everywhere (monitor mix)
21.- Yellow Submarine (US mono mix)
22.- And Your Bird Can Sing (same take as "Anthology", without laughter)
23.- Dr.Robert (US mono mix. Slightly longer, John says "okay herb" in the fade out)
24.- Dr.Robert (UK mono mix. Electronic effect added to the vocal)
25.- Tomorrow Never Knows (very basic track with different sounds effects)
26.- Paperback Writer (7'' mono mix)

27.- Rain (7'' mono mix)

    28.- She Said She Said (John's home demo)
    The Live Versions
    29.- Paperback Writer (live in Japan, 30/06/1966)
    30.- Paperback Writer (live Candlestick Park, 29/08/1966)