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CD. (No Anthology Tracks)




The Alternate Album
01.- Two Of Us (wearing postcards) (early version, incomplete lyrics. Twickenham studio sessions)
02.- Dig A Pony (Apple rooftop concert)

03.- Across The Universe (Glyn Johns second mix, januari 1970)

04.- I Me Mine (last true Beatles recording. 03/01/1970)

05.- Dig It (interesting version. John mentions all the album tracks)

06.- Let It Be (take 25b. Apple studio sessions. "Brother Malcom comes to me", instead of "Mother Mary")

07.- Maggie Mae (traditional) (unmixed version, Apple studio sessions)

08.- I've Got A Feeling (Apple studio sessions)
09.- One After 909 (Apple rooftop concert)
10.- The Long And Winding Road (take 16c, Apple studio sessions. Different lyrics, very empty version)
11.- For You Blue (slide guitar, Apple studio sessions)
12.- Get Back (Apple rooftop concert)
The Alternates
13.- Don't Let Me Down (early version, John and Paul singing. Twickenham studio sessions)
14.- Old Brown Shoe (early version, Apple studio sessions)
15.- Teddy Boy (Glyn Johns second mix, januari 1970)
16.- All Things Must Pass (take 2, unaltered, Apple studio sessions)
17.- Suzy's Parlour (unreleased song, Twickenham studio sessions)
18.- Wake Up In The Morning (unreleased song, Twickenham studio sessions)
19.- Besame Mucho (Apple studio sessions)
20.- Across The Universe (funny fast version)
21.- I Me Mine (early version. Incomplete lyrics. Twickenham studio sessions)
22.- I've Got A Feeling (lead vocal by John Lennon, Apple studio sessions)
23.- One After 909 (take 2. 1963 version. Recorded for the "With The Beatles" album, but never used)
24.- For You Blue (early acoustic version. Twickenham studio sessions)
25.- Get Back/Get Rausch (german version. Apple studio sessions)
26.- Get Back (No Pakistanis) (Twickenham studio sessions)