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The Alternate Album
01.- No Reply (stereo mix)
02.- I'm A Loser (take 3)

03.- Baby's In Black (stereo mix)

04.- Rock And Roll Music (different mix from DoLP "Rock 'N' Roll Music")

05.- I'll Follow The Sun (BBC session 26-11-1964)

06.- Mr.Moonlight (take 4)

07.- Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (BBC session 26-11-1964)

08.- Eight Days A Week (stereo mix)
09.- Words Of Love (stereo mix)
10.- Honey Don't (BBC session 18-05-1964)
11.- Every Little Thing (stereo mix)
12.- I Don't Want To Spoil The Party (stereo mix)
13.- What You're Doing (take 11)
14.- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (BBC session 26-11-1964)
The Alternates
15.- Leave My Kitten Alone (unedited version. Recorded during "For Sale" sessions)
16.- I'm A Loser (take 1/2)
17.- I'm A Loser (BBC session 26-11-1964)
18.- I'll Follow The Sun (home recording april 1960)
19.- I'll Follow The Sun (stereo mix)
20.- Mr.Moonlight (stereo mix)
21.- Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (US stereo mix)
22.- Words Of Love (BBC session 18-08-1963)
23.- What You're Doing (take 11, edited)
24.- Blopper's Medley: Mr.Moonlight/No Reply/What You're Doing/Leave My Kitten Alone
The Live Versions
25.- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (live at the Star Club Hamburg, 1962)
26.- I'm A Loser (live in London, Odeon Cinema, Christmas Show, 1964)

27.- Baby's In Black (live at the Shea Stadium 15-08-1965)

CD. (No Anthology Tracks)

PEAR RECORDS LTD: 7 52143-5987-6 4

  28.- Rock And Roll Music (live in Japan 30-06-1966)
  29.- Mr.Moonlight (live at the Star Club 25-12-1962)
30.- Kansas City (live at the Star Club 25-12-1962)
    31.- Kansas City (live shinding! TV Show, 3-10-1964)
    32.- Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (live at the Hollywood Bowl 30-08-1965)
    The Get Back Sessions
    33.- Rock And Roll Music (Jan, '69)
    34.- Kansas City/Miss Ann (Jan, '69)

35.- Every Little Thing (Jan, '69)