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01.- In (Ringo) Well it came about/Out (Paul) ...that was it
02.- In (Ringo) We started/Out (Ringo) ...do this job
03.- In (Ringo) Well when George/Out (Ringo) ...have to worry
04.- In (Paul) Yeah you know/Out (Paul) ...it's magic
05.- In (Paul) I think/Out (Paul) ...hear it clean
06.- In (Ringo) You know I love/Out (Ringo) ...peace and love
07.- In (George) It was really emotional/Out (George) ...would have survived
08.- In (Giles) We started/Out (Giles) ...3 years to do
09.- In (George) No they are/Out (Giles) ...you get now
10.- In (George) Well the chord is based/Out (Giles) ...them playing live
11.- In (Giles) Well Glass Onion/Out (Giles) ...groove, Glass Onion
12.- In (George) Exactly the same/Out (George) ...they were both 19
13.- In (George) I Am The Walrus/Out (Giles) ...than the original
14.- In (Giles) We hadn't got/Out (George) ...in the studio
15.- In (George) Well it's dance/Out (George) ...live recordings
16.- In (Giles) Gnik Nus is/Out (George) ...sunk in
17.- In (George) It was in a different/Out (George) ...of all time
18.- In (George) Mr.Kite! is the basis/Out (Giles) ...right way to go
19.- In (George) Help of course was/Out (Giles) ...Beatles song
20.- In (George) I always liked/Out (George) ...originally
    21.- In (Giles) Well you know Strawberry/Out (Giles) ...between the different takes
    22.- In (George) George was always experimenting/Out (George) ...for Sgt.Pepper
    23.- In (Giles) With Lucy/Out (Giles) ...Old Brown Shoe
    24.- In (Giles) I thought it would be/Out (Giles) ...a bit harder
    25.- In (Giles) With Lady Madonna/Out (Giles) ...the glue + laughter
    26.- In (Giles) We thought/Out (Giles) ...really listen to it
    27.- In (Giles) The track, funnily enough/Out (Giles) ...strange gospel recording
    28.- In (Giles) Revolution was very/Out (Giles) ...B Flat I think
    29.- In (George) The Revolution/Back In The U.S.S.R./Out (Giles) ...the band playing
    30.- In (George) The song itself/Out (George) ...worked very well
    31.- In (George) I think the sequence/Out (Giles) ...favourite Beatles track
    32.- In (George) Hey Jude, you know, people cannot/Out (Giles) ...good to hear again
    33.- In (Giles) Hey Jude we didn't want/Out (George) ...All You Need Is Love
    34.- In (George) You couldn't really/Out (Giles) ...just a memory