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Anthropology - CD1


01.- Puttin' On A Style
Live At Quarry Bank High School George P.Wright/Norman Cazden
02.- Baby Let's Play House
Live At Quarry Bank High School Arthur Gunter
03.- Movin' And Groovin'
Braun-Kirchherr Tapes Sam Cooke/Lou Rawls
04.- Matchbox
Quarrymen Tape Carl Perkins
05.- I Will Always Be In Love With You
Quarrymen Tape-New Mix  
06.- One After 909
Quarrymen Tape/Home Version #2 Lennon-McCartney
07.- I'll Follow The Sun
Quarrymen Tape-New Mix Lennon-McCartney
08.- Wild Cat
Quarrymen Tape/Version #2  
09.- Take Good Care Of My Baby
Decca Tape-Better mix Gerry Goffin/Carole King
10.- Dream Baby
Live At The BBC-Teenager's Turn Cindy Walker
11.- Please Mr.Postman
Live At The BBC-Teenager's Turn Freddie Goreman/Robert Bateman/ William Garrett/Brian Holland/Georgia Dobbins
12.- Ask Me Why
Live At The BBC-Here We Go Lennon-McCartney
13.- A Picture Of You
Live At The BBC-Here We Go  
14.- Some Other Guy
Version #2/Live At The Cavern Jerry Leiber/Mike Stoller/Richard Barrett
15.- Catswalk
Cavern Rehearsal  
16.- I Saw Her Standing There
Live At Star Club Lennon-McCartney
17.- Red Hot
Live At Star Club Paul McCartney/Linda McCartney
18.- Talkin' 'bout You
Live At Star Club Chuck Berry
19.- Sweet Little Sixteen
Live At Star Club Chuck Berry
20.- Shimmy Like Kate
Live At Star Club Armand Piron/Fred Smith/Cliff Goldsmith
21.- You Feet's Too Big
Live At Star Club Ada Benson/Fred Fisher
22.- Little Queenie
Live At Star Club Chuck Berry
23.- Hippy Hippy Shake
Live At Star Club Chan Romero
24.- Beautiful Dreamer
Live At The BBC-Saturday Club Stephen Foster
25.- There's A Place
Take 1 Lennon-McCartney
26.- Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Take 8-New mix Lennon-McCartney
27.- Misery
Take 1 Lennon-McCartney
28.- From Me To You
Take 2 Lennon-McCartney
29.- Thank You Girl
Take 1 Lennon-McCartney
30.- Bad To Me
Demo-Home recording Lennon-McCartney
31.- Rockin' And Rollin'
Better mix  
32.- Devil In Her Heart
Live At The BBC Richard P.Drapkin
33.- Piano-Drum Instrumental
Alf Bicknell Tapes  
34.- It Won't Be Long
Take 10-Alf Bicknell Tapes Lennon-McCartney
35.- Please Mr.Postman
Take 3-Alf Bicknell Tapes Freddie Goreman/Robert Bateman/ William Garrett/Brian Holland/Georgia Dobbins
Bonus Tracks
36.- Narration: The Birth Of The Rutles
In Russian  
37.- I Must Be In Love
Recording for BBC-TV 1976 Neil Innes/Eric Idle
38.- The Children Of Rock 'n' Roll
Recording for BBC-TV 1976  
39.- Shangri-La
Neil Innes Solo/Live on SNL/US-TV Neil Innes
40.- Goose-Step Mama
Take 1 RM1/Decca Audition Neil Innes/Eric Idle
Anthropology - CD2


01.- Roll Over Beethoven
Instrumental remix Chuck Berry
02.- Hold Me Tight
Instrumental remix Lennon-McCartney
03.- Don't Bother Me
Take 10 George Harrison
04.- If I Fell
Demo #2/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
05.- One And One Is Two
Demo/Home recording  
06.- Train Music
From film  
07.- Tell Me Why
Take 4/From Anthology video Lennon-McCartney
08.- I'm A Loser
Take 3 Lennon-McCartney
09.- What You're Doing
Take 11 Lennon-McCartney
10.- She's A Woman
Take 5 Lennon-McCartney
11.- I Feel Fine
Take 6 Lennon-McCartney
12.- Help
Take 5 Lennon-McCartney
13.- The Night Before
Live At The BBC Lennon-McCartney
14.- Waltzing Mathilda
Australian interview Andrew Barton Paterson
15.- Wait
Instrumental remix Lennon-McCartney
16.- Poem: John - We Must Not Forget The General Erection
BBC 1 Tonight/BBC-TV
17.- We Can Work It Out
Demo/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
18.- Michelle
Demo/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
19.- Run For Your Life
Take 5-New mix Lennon-McCartney
20.- Day Tripper
Take 1 Lennon-McCartney
21.- If I Needed Someone
Instrumental remix George Harrison
22.- In My Life
Piano overdub Lennon-McCartney
23.- Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
Take 2 Lennon-McCartney
24.- Think For Yourself
Beatles speech/Take 1 George Harrison
25.- Girl
Monitor mix/Take 1 Lennon-McCartney
26.- Eleanor Rigby
Demo/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
27.- McCartney Echo Tape (#3)
28.- Tomorrow Never Knows
Void mix Lennon-McCartney
29.- Paperback Writer
Take 2/New mix Lennon-McCartney
30.- Rain
Extended remix Lennon-McCartney
31.- Mellotron Improvisation (#4)
Home recording  
Bonus Tracks
32.- Blue Suede Shubert
Take 1 RM'82 Neil Innes/Eric Idle
33.- With A Girl Like You
Live Royal Variety Performance Neil Innes/Eric Idle
34.- It's Looking Good
Take 1 RS1 RM'96/Japan CD Neil Innes/Eric Idle
35.- The Song Of Continuity
36.- Plenty Of Time
Take 1 RM'82  
Anthropology - CD3
Comentario Autor
01.- Here, There And Everywhere
Monitor mix/Take 14 Lennon-McCartney
02.- Nowhere Man
Live in Japan 1966 Lennon-McCartney
03.- Backwards speech
Home recording  
04.- Penny Lane
Brass overdub Lennon-McCartney
05.- Good Morning Animal Noises
06.- I Am The Walrus
Monitor mix/Take 9 Lennon-McCartney
07.- I Am The Walrus
Orchestral remix Lennon-McCartney
08.- Speech: The Tragedy Of King Lear
Act IV, Scene VI - BBC Radio  
09.- All Together On The Wireless Machine
From Kenny Everett interview
10.- Chi Chi's Cafe
Starr & Lennon home tape
11.- Daddy's Little Sunshine Boy
Starr & Lennon home tape
12.- The Inner Light
Stereo backing track/New mix George Harrison
13.- Across The Universe
Take 7/Glyn Johns Get Back mix Lennon-McCartney
14.- Spiritual Regeneration
India tape  
15.- Sour Milk Sea
Stereo outtake George Harrison
16.- Revolution
Take 20 RM1 Lennon-McCartney
17.- Revolution 9
Stereo/Anthropology reversed remix Lennon-McCartney
18.- Helter Skelter/Blackbird/Gone Tomorrow Here Today
Rehearsal Lennon-McCartney
19.- Brian Epstein's Blues
Monitor mix  
Bonus Tracks
20.- Love Life
Takes 1-2 RM'82 Neil Innes/Eric Idle
21.- Piggy In The Middle
Take 6 RM'82 Neil Innes/Eric Idle
22.- Cheese And Onions
Take 4/Film mix Neil Innes/Eric Idle
23.- Get Up And Go
Live Rooftop Concert Neil Innes/Eric Idle
24.- Lullaby
Demo/RM'96/Nasty home tape  
25.- Shangri-La
Live At Beatlesfest 1997, Chicago Neil Innes
Anthropology - CD4
Comentario Autor
01.- Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
Take 12 RM5 Lennon-McCartney
02.- Jam
03.- Dear Prudence
Backing Vocal Fragment Lennon-McCartney
04.- Dear Prudence
Mix B Lennon-McCartney
05.- Revolution
Take 2/Promo Film Lennon-McCartney
06.- While My Guitar Gently Weeps
McCartney rehearsal George Harrison
07.- I Will/The Way You Look Tonight
Take 36 Lennon-McCartney
08.- Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Overdub Lennon-McCartney
09.- Heather
McCartney & Donovan tape Paul McCartney
10.- A Case Of The Blues
Demo/Home recording
11.- Everybody Had A Hard Year
Demo #1/Home recording
12.- Don't Let Me Down
Demo #2/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
13.- Goodbye
Demo #1/Home recording Lennon-McCartney
14.- The Maharishi Song
Demo #1/Home recording  
15.- You Never Give Me Your Money
Take 30 Lennon-McCartney
16.- Her Majesty
Take 3 Lennon-McCartney
17.- Something
Take 37 George Harrison
18.- A Huge Melody 1/Her Majesty
New mix Lennon-McCartney
19.- A Huge Melody 2
20.- The End
Megamix Lennon-McCartney
21.- Real Love
Instrumental remix/5.1 experiment John Lennon
Bonus Track
22.- Rut-A-Lot
Live medley 2007/Neil Innes solo Neil Innes/Eric Idle